Salvatore Piccolo’s story is interwoven, like the thread of a fabric, with the innermost soul of Naples, with its past, its architecture, its people and its secret alchemy but also with its vitality and its desire to reinvent itself. Way back in 1351, in the church of S. Eligio al Mercato, the Confraternita dei Sartori (Tailors Association) was established and, with it, the famous Neapolitan tailoring academy. Salvatore’s mother, Maria Cavagnoli, was also proficient in this ancient and refined art and made bespoke shirts from home in the same district of Piazza Mercato. At the age of fifteen Salvatore was already working for a shirt factory as a warehouseman.
In the eyes of the eager boy, filled with dreams and desires, that warehouse crammed full of fabrics seemed like a treasure trove full of wonderful secrets to be elicited and held close to the heart. The following year, Salvatore decided to merge his skills with his mother’s half a century of experience and, together, they opened a small shop producing tailored-made shirts for relatives, friends, acquaintances and merchants in the neighbourhood.
Salvatore worked side by side with his mother; he observed her actions and those of the master tailors with whom she collaborated and, day after day, client by client, he learnt all about the intricate cutting techniques and design. Within a short time the demand for their customised shirts increased; the small shop became a factory and recognition for Salvatore’s work reached far beyond the local district, he began to be appreciated by influential Neapolitan and international clients. His true passion, his fine-tuning, his innovative and refined creativity all become indispensable tools which took him outside Italy. London, Monaco, Qatar, Azerbaijan all beckoned… his shirts became acclaimed globally. And in each place Salvatore was ready to meet the demands of an increasingly loyal, knowledgeable and discerning clientele.